Évf. 10 Szám 2 (2006): Acta Agraria Kaposváriensis

Proceeding of the 14th International Symposium
"Animal Science Days"
Future Trends of Research on Food Quality and Safety
11-13. October 2006. Hotel Palota, Lillafüred Hungary
(University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Animal Science, Hungary; University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty Zootechnical Department, Domzale, Slovenia; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia; 
University of J. J. Strossmayer, Faculty of Agriculture, Osijek, Croatia; University of Padova, Department of Animal Science, Padova, Italy) 

Megjelent: 2006-07-15

Preliminary Reports

Section 1 Pig Breeding

Section 2 Cattle Breeding

Section 3 Horse, Sheep and Goat Breeding

Section 5 Rabbit Breeding and Bee-Keeping

Poster Section