Animal production towards sustainable farm business management


  • Jadranka Deze
  • Ljubica Ranogajec
  • Darija Kuharić


animal production, sustainable farm management


Farm management adjustment from centrally planned economy towards market-oriented farm development is difficult, especially in the Baranya region, since it is the agriculture, as the primary sector, on which other economic activities are based, both the secondary (manufacturing) and the tertiary (service trade) sectors. Therefore, agriculture is the way to the stability of national development in the economic integration of all sectors and the balance of development of the Republic of Croatia. Otherwise, tensions and conflicts might arise, which would directly influence the structural adjustment in farm production as the primary sector. A lack of economic resources and knowledge in farm management can be a major obstacle to sustainable development, respectively a dynamic farm production continually adjustable to both internal and external factors. Family farms have a special place in the said processes, because they are the most represented economic subjects in the primary farm production in the Baranya region. Since there is the interaction between animal production and crop growing, the relation between limiting and improving economic resources regarding regional economic development should be closely monitored.




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Animal production towards sustainable farm business management. (2006). ACTA AGRARIA KAPOSVARIENSIS, 10(2), 257-262.