Deep-litter pig keeping (A review)


  • Vladimir Margeta
  • Gordana Kralik
  • Danica Hanzek
  • P. Margeta


pigs, deep litter, welfare, health, meat quality


The study objective was to elaborate the system of pig keeping on deep litter, pointing out advantages and disadvantages of such system in comparison with conventional pig breeding systems. The study also presents future perspectives of deep litter pig keeping in Croatia. Raising of pigs on deep litter has only recently become acceptable as a way of production of high quality pigs and pig meat, mostly because of its ecological aspect and beneficial effects on pig welfare and health. Some contradictory research results referring to production and slaughtering characteristics, as well as to microclimatic conditions, indicate that further efforts have to be made in order to optimize deep litter pig keeping. Interventions in zootechnical procedures are aimed at optimization of pig production on deep litter in suitable climatic environment.




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Poster Section

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Deep-litter pig keeping (A review). (2010). ACTA AGRARIA KAPOSVARIENSIS, 14(2), 209-213.

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