Újabb tapasztalatok a törzsinjektálás és a nyugati dióburok-fúrólégy (Rhagoletis completa Cresson, 1929) vonatkozásában


  • Máté Kiss Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Institute of Plant Protection, Department of Entomology, e-mail: kissmate0816@gmail.com (corresponding author) https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8580-6895
  • Csilla Sörös Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Institute of Food Science and Technology , Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, e-mail:marczika.andrasne.soros.csilla@uni-mate.hu
  • Ádám Gutermuth GreenUnit Kft, e-mail: gadam@greenunit.hu
  • Árpád Szabó Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Institute of Plant Protection, Department of Entomology, e-mail: szabo.arpad@uni-mate.hu


Juglans regia, trunk injection, walnut husk fly, abamectin, emamectin-benzoate, acetamiprid


During our experiment in 2021, the insecticidal (larvicidal) effect of the three active ingredient (abamectin, emamectin-benzoate, acetamiprid) by trunk injection has been evaluated against the walnut husk fly (Rhagoletis completa). Meanwhile the concentration of the active ingredient in various plant organs was also determined. All three active ingredients used for trunk injection reduced the extent of damage compared to controls. The detected amount of active ingredient in husk was positively correlated with the larvicidal effect all cases. The concentration of the active ingredients was determined by UHPLC-MS/MS analytical method. In the measurements, neither fresh nor dried walnut kernels contained more than the permitted amount of pesticide residue, except of the active ingredient acetamiprid.


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