Correlation between fertilization and baking quality of winter wheat cultivars


  • Péter Pepó University of Debrecen, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management, Institute of Crop Science, H-4032 Debrecen Böszörményi út 138., Hungary



winter wheat, varieties, fertilization, baking quality parameters, yield


In a long-term experiment, a complex study of the baking quality parameters of four modern winter wheat genotypes (GK Csillag, Mv Csárdás, Mv Toldi, GK Békés) was carried out in fertilizer treatments with increasing dosages (control, N60+PK, N120+PK) in two different years (2013 and 2014) on chernozem soil in Eastern Hungary. In the control and the N120+PK treatments, the protein content ranged within the boundaries of 8.88-11.46% (in 2013) and 6.73-11.19% (in 2014) and 11.03-13.30% (in 2013) and 10.53-14.29% (in 2014), respectively. The wet gluten content values were 24.88-37.18% (in 2013) and 18.03-23.53% (in 2014) in the control and 35.30-43.16% and 33.28-39.10% in the N120+PK treatment. Using Pearson’s correlation analysis, a tight correlation was found between fertilization and the protein content (r = 0.571**-0.739**) and between fertilization and the wet gluten content (r = 0.587**-0.859**). A medium correlation was observed between fertilization and the farinographic value (r = 0.275-0.484**) and between fertilization and gluten elasticity (r = 0.322**-0.466**). Fertilization did not have an impact on the falling number (r = -0.014-0.226). Strong correlation was found between the protein and the wet gluten contents (r = 0.817**-0.950**).







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Correlation between fertilization and baking quality of winter wheat cultivars. (2016). COLUMELLA – Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 3(2), 15-23.

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