Dominance effects in domestic populations


  • Nguyen Thao Nguyen
  • Henrietta Nagyné Kiszlinger


dominance, farm animals


The objective of this study was to provide an extensive discussion about background of the dominance effects connected to animal improvement. Because estimation of dominance effects requires large magnitude of full sibs they are mostly relevant in multipara species (pig, poultry and fish). Genetic evaluations taking into account dominance effects make more precise breeding value estimation possible. Besides, utilization of dominance effects is useful in developing mating schemes. The concept of dominance and its definition as an estimable parameter was introduced several decades ago. Yet because its application is complicated, until recently dominance was not in the central interest of animal breeders contrary to its important role in the genetic evaluation. However, since the software (SAS, PEST, VCE) used for genetic evaluation are extended with new procedures capable estimating this genetic component recent studies showed substantial dominance components for numerous traits justifying the relevance of dominance effects in animal breeding.




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Nguyen, N. T., & Nagyné Kiszlinger, H. (2016). Dominance effects in domestic populations. ACTA AGRARIA KAPOSVARIENSIS, 20(1), 1–20. Elérés forrás

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