Motivation for travel and satisfaction of tourists spending their holidays along the Tisza River


  • Csilla Kalmár-Rimóczi
  • Márta Kóródi


travel, facts on consumer behaviour, internal factors, motivation, satisfaction


People’s travel decisions are influenced by several internal and external factors. Research on consumer behaviour has discovered many types of factors, the scope of which has been constantly widening in recent years and decades. Our decisions are influenced by the social group we belong to and to cultural and family backgrounds. We obtain information from our social group, which has an impact on our consumer decisions. At the same time, consumer behaviour can be affected by sex, age, marital status, and the life cycle as well. Internal factors include motivation, attitude and also personality. In 2013, a survey was conducted to measure the tourists’ motivation, satisfaction and the correlation between their stay and the programs offered during the holiday season at the Tisza River. Its main focus was to find out why people visit the area under examination and study their consumer behaviour. This paper presents the results of the survey: The decision of tourists visiting this region was influenced primarily by their previous experience and by others who spent an earlier holiday there. When choosing a holiday in this region, financial factors like income levels and travel expenses are particularly important. Nevertheless, in choosing this destination respondents consider most of the factors included in the list more important in planning a holiday than in general.




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