The role of port clusters in theory and practice


  • Alexandra Kocsis Budapest Corvinus University, Faculty of Business Administration


This essay focuses on the advantages of creating and operating port clusters, highlighting the success aspects of competitive ports and port clusters in theory and through international examples, as well. The issue of port clusters can be considered part of the theoretical and practical approach to the development of transportation, logistic services, and shipping. The first part of the study defines what clusters in general and port clusters, specifically, mean. It identifies the advantages and success factors of clusters in general. It then gives a detailed picture of the port cluster model identifying the typical activities and actors of port clusters; the success factors of the performance of port clusters. The second part presents the operation of port clusters through international examples. It presents the examples of Valencia Port and the Port of Rotterdam and summarizes the key success factors of competitively preforming clusters. The study touches the question of inland ports in Hungary and the theoretical possibility of Hungarian port clusters. Keywords: clusters, logistics, port clusters, port authorit




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