The Effects of Diversity on Achieving Reduced Inequalities


  • Phyllis Dirrler Szent István University Kaposvár Campus Doctoral School in Management and Organizational Sciences



value diversity, ethnic diversity, information diversity, tenure diversity, reduced inequalities


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were introduced in 2015 by the United Nations and include 17 goals and 169 actions on how to achieve a more sustainable future. This research addresses the SDG 10, which focuses on the reduction of inequalities. By 2030 the goal is to achieve reduced income inequalities, opportunity inequalities and all other forms which might hinder equal chances. The United Nations has already introduced financial and economic measures on how to achieve equality. The aim of this review paper is to challenge the current approaches by emphasizing that too little attention is paid on the people themselves. The goal achievement will require working groups of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, tenures and values. This research presents why it is essential to include diversity research in the work and how this can influence group processes and outcomes, such as conflict, performance or group commitment.




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Dirrler, P. (2020). The Effects of Diversity on Achieving Reduced Inequalities . Regional and Business Studies, 12(2), 33–46.