Versenytárs élelmiszerkereskedelmi láncok márkaasszociációs térképe


  • Brigitta Plasek
  • Dávid Jászai
  • Noémi Gábora
  • Ede Biegner
  • Ágoston Temesi


In the life of a brand getting known of brand associations is pretty important, because we can understand what customers think about it through them, and we can see how consumers make brand choices. Brand equity models includes many components, but our research was focused on the brand-associations because that is the most effective way to get information of the picture in the customers mind about the examined corporations (Auchan, Lidl, Tesco). We made marketing research keeping these important things in mind. We here carried out online research, where 806 customers were asked. Our intention was to demonstrate through these brands that the brand-associations has a huge effect on a corporation life, and also on the brand itself, so it can not be neglected when a company grows, or finding ways to expand their business. The brand association maps that we made based on the results of our marketing research spectacularly shows the similarities and differences between the companies. There were association groups that occurred in roughly equal proportions between the three corporations, such as associations within the product categories relating to food. The same goes to the association category of food, where dairy products, meat products and bakery products were equal. However, there were categories that rather be linked to one of the companies, than to the other two. Inter alia private labelled products, bad quality, expensive price, big stores and large selection were related to Tesco, while good quality, trusty and tasty products linked to Lidl. Auchan was characterized by a higher proportion by enormous stores, average and excellent quality and different kind of emotions. With our research we wanted to demonstrate the importance of associations, and also represent a visual method that shows what is in the consumers mind, and is suitable to use in the future for any brand. The role of the association is not negligible in the lives of brands, companies need to deal with them particularly, because of the need to understand what images live in the minds of purchasers about brands among the top priorities.




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Plasek, B., Jászai, D., Gábora, N., Biegner, E., & Temesi, Ágoston. (2016). Versenytárs élelmiszerkereskedelmi láncok márkaasszociációs térképe. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 12(1), 23–31. Elérés forrás