A csokoládé fogyasztói megítélése


  • Zsanett Laskai Kaposvári Egyetem
  • Andrea Olsovszkyné Némedi PhD


Our topic is about chocolate. We have chosen it because we are interested in its effects on health, it has a lot of positive, for example lower blood pressure, less cough and it can prevent stroke. In the review of the literature we looked for relevant sources on this topic. Our dissertation is based on a questionnaire with 162 people, which we analyzed with PSPP programme. In addition we did a focus group with 6 female persons who are in their twenties. In the questionnaire the results showed that the interviewees consumed chocolate weekly or more times a week, and most of them like milk chocolate, more than dark or white. These people most often purchase this food in hypermarkets. We found a surprising result, because who are more qualified people, they look for information on the packages more times. The three most frequent pieces of information are: brand name, name of the product and texture. The three least frequent pieces of information are: calorie content, health claims and allergenic materials. Most people still purchase chocolate for namedays and birthdays. In the focus group was revealed that they preferred Milka chocolate as presents opposed to other brands. In blind tasting 5 women recognized it out of 6 because of its typical taste. When their purchase this product is important that they like it, the cost, the taste and what they would like to eat at that moment. In the slogan recognition the participants had to match the brand and its slogan, and it was perfect. In every research it was revealed that the people knew only the simple effects of chocolate on health.




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Laskai, Z., & Olsovszkyné Némedi PhD, A. (2016). A csokoládé fogyasztói megítélése. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 12(2), 39–46. Elérés forrás https://journal.uni-mate.hu/index.php/etm/article/view/176