Gyógypedagógus-hallgatók önkéntes-programja a Kaposvári Egyetemen


  • Katalin Szalai Kaposvári Egyetem Pedagógiai Kar -- Kaposvár University Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Márta Gelencsérné Bakó Kaposvári Egyetem Pedagógiai Kar -- Kaposvár University Faculty of Pedagogy


career identification, helpful calling, volunteering, empathy, tolerance


Volunteer Activity Program of Special Education Students at Kaposvár University The Department of Special-Needs Education of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Kaposvár University has gained importance during the establishment of the education structure and its image to cooperate with civil organizations and institutions beyond the institutes acting as places of practice. The expansion of stages contributes to the extension of the education profile of the students. We considered it to be necessary that additionally to the acquirement and understanding of helpful calling our students acquire their own experiences in affective areas with special regard to empathy, tolerance and cooperation. In this research the volunteers in Kaposi Mór Hospital and NGOs are presented. This is a new task for special education teacher-training of Kaposvár University. The wide view to the world supports the accumulation of integrative pedagogic aspects during (therapeutic) pedagogic calling.


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Gyógypedagógus-hallgatók önkéntes-programja a Kaposvári Egyetemen. (2015). Acta Scientiarum Socialium, 43, 93-100.