Képzési igények egy leghátrányosabb helyzetű kistérségben


  • Edina Sáriné Csajka Kaposvári Egyetem Pedagógiai Kar -- Kaposvár University Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Beáta Csimáné Pozsegovics Kaposvári Egyetem Pedagógiai Kar -- Kaposvár University Faculty of Pedagogy


rural development, adult education, trainings, micro-regions


Training needs in a most disadvantaged micro-region Between June 2011 and June 2012 Kaposvár University took part in a „cooperation programme between the most disadvantaged micro-regions and higher education institutions” with a project called „Higher Education–Micro-region Partnership Programme: A programme of the Faculties of Economics and Education of Kaposvár University in Tamási micro-region for strengthening social networks.” Three multiday research-camps were held in Tamási micro-region (Southern Transdanubia Region, Tolna County). The fieldwork was organized in small groups of three or four students accompanied by a researcher, who coordinated the activities. Each village was visited by two groups, doing in-depth interviews with residents reached via snowball method. During the interviews one of the questions we asked was what kinds of trainings, education were needed in the micro-region and why. We observed that adult education only in the forms of specific sector-related professional trainings and occa-sional informative events existed in the villages. We found no significant demand for training in the villages, except for agricultural trainings and a very strong demand at several settlements that courses teaching the necessary skills of everyday life conduct be held. We think that community building trainings could be recommended for the stakeholders in the area in order to help people living in the villages more easily be-come mobilized to participate in further trainings, in community developmental work, or in collective thinking. Residents at several settlements indicated that they were willing to cooperate with others in different areas. However, they were waiting for help from somewhere else. A community building training would be a good opportunity for potential partners to find each other, as well as for the necessary co-operation to start up and succeed.




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Sáriné Csajka, E., & Csimáné Pozsegovics, B. (2012). Képzési igények egy leghátrányosabb helyzetű kistérségben. Acta Scientiarum Socialium, (37), 145–153. Elérés forrás https://journal.uni-mate.hu/index.php/asc/article/view/280



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