Social customer relationship management


  • Péter Bagó Univerity of Pécs Faculty of Busine and Economics
  • Péter Vörös Kaposvár University, Department of Management


CRM, social CRM, SCRM, social customer relationship management


There is a word that is beginning to be more and more important for society and companies, and this word is „community.” In today's virtual social networks, people seek to replicate their real world society—they need a virtual community too. And mere community is not enough; they also need activities, and this is the point where companies link in to promote their goods and facilities. To do this they use the next stage of customer relationship management, the fulfilment of social needs. We live in an age of social shopping; communities are everywhere and everyone shares information. Until now, classic CRM systems have run from static databases. Now, however, contrary social CRM systems perform two-way communication, starting a conversation with customers and encouraging them to voice their opinions, which are constantly changing on social media, and building a dynamic database while they communicate with customers through response-reactions. Does this new strategy bring a whole new world to companies, or is it only another channel in the development CRM?


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Social customer relationship management. (2011). Acta Scientiarum Socialium, 33, 61-75.