Linom termékek jelentősége, piaci bevezetése


  • Katalin Fögleinné Veres Biogreen Kft. (Biogreen Ltd.) H-2051 Biatorbágy, Budai u. 16.


The BioGreen International Ltd. Hungary (Biogreen Nemzetközi Termelési és Kereskedelmi Kft.) was established in 2006 as a result of research and development work of several decades. The company has a broad range of knowledge in several areas of plant biotechnology, biochemistry and food industry. In the past ten years the health keeping and illness preventive function of food products has come to the front. In addition to that there is more attention paid to the subject of health conscious nutrition. Our purpose is to help nutrition companies in the European Community and Hungary with excellent health protective raw materials to develop new products of proven effects. People complement today’s deficient nutrition by adding important nutrients to fight cancer, heart conditions, circulatory, digestive, and neurological problems and hormonal imbalances. Linom – the vegetable source of Omega 3 fatty acids! A revolutionary new raw material for food industry. In our current enterprise we have started full range processing of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) so our company now produces Linomdried, mucus free, germinated flax seed powder, Linom – oil, Linan – flax protein flour and Linom – emulsion. We market our products individually in consumer packaging or as an additive for industrial users for food products with a high functional health protective (high omega 3 fatty acid, nutritional fibre, protein and lignan-phytoestrogen) content. The unique technology developed by our company enables us to get high volumes of flax (so far known as an industrial plant) into the food industry where it can be integrated into almost all sectors (bakery, dairy, meat, pastry, etc. sectors) as a raw material or additive. We are continually widening our selection of products and try to help the spreading of healthy nutrition with innovative preparations.




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