Kereskedői attitűdök a tudatos élelmiszervásárlással kapcsolatban


  • Ibolya Brávácz Budapesti Gazdasági Főiskola, Kereskedelmi, Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Kar


The role of health and environmental consciousness in consumers’ lifestyles is more often explored in a worldwide context. Our study mainly targets one element of this topic: consumers’ priorities in foodstuff markets, exploring trends with respect to health and environmental consciousness. We conducted nationwide primary research in June 2009. Our target was to assertain the place and role of these elements in our foodstuff consumption. In our research the main question was: How self restrictive and self-conscious are we when purchasing and consuming foodstuff? – with every foodstuff purchase we also make decisions about our environment, which indirectly has an effect on the producers, manufacturers and dealers. We made a new exploration in Sept 2011 surveying the experience of retailers about the conscious foodstuff purchasing of the population. The survey was carried out in 220 retail shops of Budapest and we wish to present the latest results of this study.




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Brávácz, I. (2014). Kereskedői attitűdök a tudatos élelmiszervásárlással kapcsolatban. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 10(1), 39–45. Elérés forrás