Élelmiszer kiskereskedelmi üzletválasztási tényezők kvantitatív kutatása Szolnokon


  • Katalin Földi Szolnoki Főiskola, Kereskedelem és Marketing Tanszék


buyer behavior, store choice, food, quantitative research, Szolnok


The literature about consumer behaviour is considerably extensive, most of which analyses the customers product/brand choice. The biggest difference between store/brand choice is the type of evaluation criteria, which is why I chose the analysis of the factors affecting store choice. The current importance of this topic is also supported by the fact that customers more and more often choose a substitute brand in the actual shop rather than visiting another one. The majority of international and Hungarian research does not analyse store choice or consumer behaviour on the daily consumer goods market, and also does not restrict the geographical area of the survey to an actual geographical unit. That is why I endeavoured to make up for this shortcoming, carrying out representative questioning on a large sample in Szolnok with the help of a questionnaire. In the course of the main component analysis I found a connection among the factors of store choice, purchasing power, price- and quality consciousness, convenience and the length of shopping time. With the help of cluster analyses, four customer groups could be defined in the circle of food shoppers in Szolnok. Out of the four groups, the segment of those spending much but reasonably could be characterized as the customers with very high purchasing power. For the priceseekers, the length of shopping, the price level and the quality of the selection matter, and convenience only influences store choice in a small compass. Those in the segment of convenience shoppers find price- and quality consciousness less important, but convenience and the duration of shopping is essential for them. In the case of quick shoppers, a significant difference is disclosed – compared to the other groups – regarding the fact that they refuse aspects of convenience.




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Földi, K. (2014). Élelmiszer kiskereskedelmi üzletválasztási tényezők kvantitatív kutatása Szolnokon. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 10(1), 21–28. Elérés forrás https://journal.uni-mate.hu/index.php/etm/article/view/186