Funkcionális élelmiszerek termékfejlesztésének alapjai – fogyasztói magatartáskutatás


  • Ágoston Temesi Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Élelmiszertudományi Kar, Élelmiszeripari Gazdaságtan Tanszék
  • János Hajtó Edingburgh Napier University, School of Engineering


The dynamic increase of the functional food market is arousing interest from an increasing number of stakeholders in the food sector. In order to achieve market success, market offers have to satisfy certain conditions. We believe that one of the most important criteria of market success is to recognize a relevant and believable customer value. It is important that this customer value be difficult to copy. This customer value should be clearly distinguished from the values offered by competitors. We have carried out our marketing research keeping these considerations in mind. In Budapest, Hungary approximately 500 respondents were asked. The goal of our survey was to contribute to product development and marketing communication. Values of possible health preserving features of foods were measured with a special view to consumer knowledge about health effects of possible food additives. This is very important, because our results show that previous consumer knowledge about each of the food additives greatly influences their decision. Selecting the proper customer values is of crucial importance. We believe that our research can provide important guidelines to product development.




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Temesi, Ágoston, & Hajtó, J. (2014). Funkcionális élelmiszerek termékfejlesztésének alapjai – fogyasztói magatartáskutatás. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 10(1), 11–20. Elérés forrás