Helyi termékek fogyasztása és megítélése kaposvári fiatalok körében


  • Péter Sántosi
  • Nikoletta Böröndi-Fülöp


Local products are very difficult to identify, by definition. We should rather draw one up through certain properties and features. Local products help the local economies, they are locally, regionally produced or processed goods, purchased and sold within a 40 km area. The economic situation and the current state of the environment have led to the rapid spread of these products. For poor sub-regions it is almost the only way to survive. Concern about environmental damage has led to a trend focused on naturalness, which allows local products to emphasize their environmentally friendly impact as an advantage. In the countries West of us, the marketing, distribution and support of these products is already in full swing. Local agencies and organizations already exist that see the promotion of local products as the number one goal. 95 % of students from Kaposvár know about local products and more than 80 % of them consume/consumed such goods. Among of the products the most popular are fruits and vegetables, milk products and pastries. The majority of respondents thought that we should sell local products in supermarkets and hypermarkets in addition to at the local market and local products store. The respondents are proud to be Hungarians and it is important for them to ensure the development of the city through the purchase of local products. They would like to have a wider variety of local products for consumption.




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Sántosi, P., & Böröndi-Fülöp, N. (2014). Helyi termékek fogyasztása és megítélése kaposvári fiatalok körében. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 10(2), 43–48. Elérés forrás https://journal.uni-mate.hu/index.php/etm/article/view/159

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