Kecsketej termékek fogyasztói megítélése


  • Orsolya Szigeti
  • Viktória Szente
  • Andrea Szűcs
  • Katalin Szendrő


Consumer research on the perception of goat milk products was conducted using quantitative (nationwide questionnaire of 1000 respondents) and qualitative (three focus group interviews) research methods. Compared to previous national studies, no cardinal changes could be detected. Results of the survey showed that goat milk products were still rarely consumed; less than one third of the respondents consume goat milk products with some frequency. Especially cheese and milk consumption dominates. Breeders are considered to be the most reliable source. Respondents are not willing to pay additional price (or only a small amount) for goat milk products. The market position of the product remains favourable; goat milk products are considered to be tasty, healthy and traditional. The main reason for refusing goat milk products is a negative attitude towards the products.




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Szigeti, O., Szente, V., Szűcs, A., & Szendrő, K. (2014). Kecsketej termékek fogyasztói megítélése. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 10(2), 29–34. Elérés forrás




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