Az online marketing lehetőségei a tejszektorban - a közösségi háló szerepe


  • András Fehér Kaposvári Egyetem, Gazdaságtudományi Kar, Marketing és Kereskedelem Tanszék
  • Zoltán Szakály Kaposvári Egyetem, Gazdaságtudományi Kar, Marketing és Kereskedelem Tanszék


The role of the interactivity has become more important since the millennium. Today and in the future the key of reaching consumers will be the online communication. Most of the domestic milk-processors, especially the small and middle companies do not spend much money on marketing. The online marketing is one of the newest and the most innovative marketing segment because of features like low cost, effective measurement and perfect positioning. Because of the previous facts our opinion is that the online marketing is one of the most important possibilities for the domestic milk-processors. The objective of this study was to show the applicable methods of online marketing and analyze the online strategy of domestic milk-sector. In this article we focused on introducing social networks. During our secondary research we studied the social network standards and tools and their affects on consumers. In our primary research we carried out an online questionnaire about the standard practice of social network’s pages, the appearance of dairy products and the domestic milk-sector in social networks. According to our results the members of Y-generation spend most of their time in social networks instead of doing any other activity on the Internet. Thus they are the most important target group in social networks. This is important because the „conscious education” is the most effective in this age. Furthermore, we analyzed the authenticity of online tools. Our results show that blogs and social network sites are not considered as the most authentic tools. This authenticity should be increased in the future with the help of professional organizations (e.g. Tej Terméktanács) and research institutes (like universities). Our results said it is a must to be on social networks for any organization. The usage of social networks and blogs is good, but not enough criteria to be effective; companies should also use other online marketing tools. According to our results more than every third respondents already met some kind of information about milk. One fifth of the respondents searched for information in the social networks about the positive effects of milk on health. It is encouraging that three-quarter of our respondents already red or willing to read information about milk in social networks. We suggest sharing any information available about milk in social networks because people are interested in this topic. After preliminary analyses we chose the Facebook site of three different milk-processors: Fino, Mizo and Friesland (Pöttyös). The respondents were satisfied with the standard information provided by and the refreshing frequency of these pages. However they rated low about positive effects of milk on health. It means that members of milk sector should communicate these information in a more effective way. By doing this they can reach more easily the Y-generation which is the most important group in the social networks. The Facebook site of Pöttyös („Túró Rudi”) and Mizo should be exemplary for any members of milk-sector.




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Fehér, A., & Szakály, Z. (2013). Az online marketing lehetőségei a tejszektorban - a közösségi háló szerepe. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 9(1), 57–64. Elérés forrás




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